glossy-frosted polypropylene (PP) sheet

glossy polypropylene (PP) sheet
transparency frosted polypropylene (PP) sheet

Polypropylene sheet

Polypropylene (PP) sheets are a lightweight, rigid extruded plastic that can be converted into many different products. They are easy to handle and 100% recyclable. Our polypropylene sheets are easy to convert and customise to fit your specific needs. It can be converted into packaging such as boxes, cases, and returnable transport containers. Polypropylene sheets are easy to print on so it can also be converted into advertising materials such as banners, POS displays and billboards. Because of its lightweight yet durable qualities, it also makes a great alternative to automotive OEM reinforcement parts.


Thickness: 0.50mm to 3.00mm

Width: 2 inches to 59 Inches (1500mm)

Length is custom-made in sheet or roll form


1. Lightweight and durable,low specific gravity (floats in water),flexible scores with long lives

2. Resistant to most chemicals,superior corrosion resistance,

3. Impact and scratch resistant,stiff, rigid and cut resistant

4. Easy to handle and convert

5. Great for graphics and printing,superior clarity and color reproduction,accepts numerous printing techniques

6. Weather resistant,stable in outdoor applications,moisture resistance

7. 100% recyclable,environmentally friendly


polypropylene sheet has also found uses in various industry applications, including but not limited to the following:

1. Stationery industry: such as file folders, clip file, document bag, report cover and spine bar, ring binder, notebook cover, writing boards, etc

2. Packaging industry: such as plastic packaging box, plastic packaging bag, thermoforming box, PP separator sheet, containers, etc

3. Automobile Industry: such as machine parts, car foot mat, etc

4. Lighting industry: such as lampshade, fireboard, etc

5.Clothing industry: such as hang tag, clothing box, scribing plate, shoe stretcher, etc

6. Electron industry: such as electronic parts, etc.

7. Food industry: such as plate mat, cup mat, cutting boad,bowl, etc.

8. Printing industry: such as banners, calendars, charts, flower tags, greeting cards, labels, maps, signage & displays, etc.

11. What are the advantages of your PP ?

Our PP is improved, it's more flexible than normal one and Our PP is 100% Eco-friendly. Further more our PP could be printed very well after 2 years with strong color fastness.

22. Can you accept OEM orders?

Yes, all the details of product can follow the customer's requirements. 

33. How about the precision of tailor-cut?

Our company applies the world advanced machines can control the precision of tailor-cut within 0.02mm and 2mm of specifications.

44. Are you a factory or a trader?

We are a factory with 20 years of PP sheet production experience.  





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