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Polypropylene (PP) sheets are available in different textures and thickness varying from 0.1mm to 1.2mm used in stationery, files, folders, packaging thermoforming for producing plastic disposable containers, ice cream cups, curd cups, plastic boxes and many others.

PP (Polypropylene) Sheet is wide in demand for use in stationary, food packaging, automobiles and many others. These sheets have excellent characteristics that are beneficial for use as protective layer in food grade packaging products like cans, trays, containers and cups. In poultry farms these are applied in designing of UV stabilized manure belt and in soil- less cultivation process, these are used as trough. 

Material: PP

Thickness: 0.1mm To 1.2mm

Texture: Cross Line, Straight Line, Linen Sand, Leather Sand, Sand Matt, Gloss Gloss, Leather Gloss, Orange Peel, Marble, 




Thickness: 0.60mm to 5.00mm

Width: 2 inches to 79 Inches (2000mm)

Length is custom-made in sheet or roll form




Easy to cut

Stability in dimensions with high impact strength

UV stabilized

Food grade

Chemical resistant




File Folders & computer data binders

Beverage cans

Thermoformed cups



Writing boards

Automobile Industry

Fish farm fixture

Manure belt for poultry farm

Trough for soil-less cultivation

Chemical industry

11. What are the advantages of your PP ?

Our PP is improved, it's more flexible than normal one and Our PP is 100% Eco-friendly. Further more our PP could be printed very well after 2 years with strong color fastness.

22. Can you accept OEM orders?

Yes, all the details of product can follow the customer's requirements. 

33. How about the precision of tailor-cut?

Our company applies the world advanced machines can control the precision of tailor-cut within 0.02mm and 2mm of specifications.



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